project-management‘Turning projects into profits by enabling teams to rapidly transform real-time data into actionable insights to make faster, more-informed decisions’

How easily accessible is your project data? Is the data siloed or centralized?

What are the primary components that need to be assessed across all projects? Is it resource driven or budget driven?

What are your organizations’ goals and targets? How will they be measured? Do you have defined KPIs in place?

What is your risk management strategy? What kind of tools do you have in place to conduct what-if analysis?

To take basic project reporting from status reports based on siloed data to true project analytics, organizations today must consolidate and organize data across all projects.

At Infovie, we help our clients to effectively merge data analytics into project management, by mining both unstructured data (documents, spreadsheets and email) and structured data (such as a project database).

This approach allows specific functional areas, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, sales and marketing and customer service to uniformly interact with each other in response to organizational issues and opportunities.

Our services can support companies in the following areas:

Data Security – Consult,Architect and Deliver on end-end or point projects.

Data Storage– Consult,Architect and Deliver on end-end or point projects.

Data Intelligence : Advanced Analytics , BI/DW Strategy & Implementations – Help our clients exploit their data further through data mining, predictive modeling. Determine our clients BI/DW strategy, including architecture blueprints, tool selections, organisation & data governance, business case and roadmap

Project based models

  • Competency based extended team Augmentation model
  • Hybrid Coke (partly onshore in your organization + partly offshore at our delivery center) model