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“Efficient versatile storage solutions”

Modern businesses rely on tremendous amounts of data to make decisions and to manage organizational risk. Yet, the sheer volume and breadth of that data can present challenges when it comes to storing, accessing, and analyzing it. Data tends to live within departmental silos, hence managing data is a complex process.

We offer a range of storage space and secure data management services, specialising in storage, secure, and onsite or remote data management. Whatever your existing storage and backup infrastructure, Infovie provides proactive monitoring, maintenance and management so that you can focus on your business, not storage capacity.

The Infovie Advantage:

  • Flexible storage solutions for faster access of large data
  • Reliable, efficient, scalable and responsive
  • Make your data work for you: get insights faster
  • Protect your data as volumes explode

Infovie provides expert advice and designs storage solutions covering whatever combination of onsite, offsite and cloud technologies is appropriate for your business and your budget.

Some of our storage and data management solutions include:

  • Data Protection For Business + Mission Critical Data : Backup+Dedup+Restore
  • Data Lifecycle Management: Tiered Storage : Archival+Retention+Recovery
  • Storage Solutions : Storage Area Networks + Network Attach Storage
  • High Availablity + Replication